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Artisan White Asparagus from Spain P.D.O

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El Navarrico Artisan White Asparagus from Spain P.D.O
These delicate white asparagus spears are so soft and buttery you can cut them with a fork. The Spanish serve them well chilled with a dollop of mayonnaise or as a special addition to salads. King Juan Carlos once sampled a couple of these thick beauties from El Navarrico and exclaimed 'Cojonudos!’ which is slightly off-color slang for delicious! Each spear is peeled by hand and poached until meltingly tender.Every spring, shoots of an asparagus fern emerge from, rich and well-drained soil. Unlike green asparagus spears, white asparagus never sees the sun. They are protected from the sunlight by large earth mounds which cover each group of shoots. To get these extraordinarily thick spears, the asparagus plant has to be several years old, as young plants yield thin spears.El Navarrico is one of the finest producers of white asparagus. Their asparagus from Navarra is so loved in Spain that it has its own D.O. (protected Denomination of Origin), guaranteeing its quality.

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Brand El Navarrico
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