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Become a Goodees Supplier

        We work with local and international suppliers and producers to bring unique and premium products to our Macau & Hong Kong customers.
        Our products range is varied and constantly growing and includes chilled, frozen, confectionaries, wines, dietary, health & beauty, books and much more.
        Goodees.Market suppliers are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as set by Macau Government.
        Goodees.Market is committed to partnering with a diverse group of suppliers including small businesses and Women-owned businesses.

  1. Transparency and openness in the business relationship
  2. Conforming to social and environmental standards
  3. Active co-operation for the implementation of cost reduction measures
  4. Guarantee of consistently high product quality
  5. IT-supported information exchange
  1. Fair, trusting and long-term collaboration
  2. Needs-based growth perspectives
  3. Support of our suppliers through a supplier agreement based on partnership
  4. Dialogue-oriented inclusion of suppliers into the product creation process
  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. WeChat/Whatsapp:+ 853 6677 0077
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