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Black Italian Coffee Capsules

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Respresso Black Coffee Blend Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Thanks to the well-balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta and the perfect degree of roasting, this is the blend for those who love the creaminess as much as the aroma when sipping from their coffee cup.
Capsules Borbone Respresso BLACK Blend Compatible Nespresso coffee machine
Ingredients: Roast & Ground Coffee.

Intense and robust:
Intense, creamy and distinctive. A bold character that evokes the traditions of real Neapolitan coffee. This carefully selected blend offers full-bodied espresso every time. As rich and creamy as any café creation.

I’m feeling energized!
Nothing can stand in my way: I start my day with the intense power of the black blend!

Respresso 黑色混合口味咖啡膠囊與Nespresso® 膠囊咖啡機兼容
由於阿拉比卡咖啡和羅布斯塔咖啡的均衡混合以及完美的烘焙程度,這是一款適合那些喜歡如奶油般滑膩,以及從咖啡杯中啜飲時的品嚐那種香氣的人。Caffè Borbone Respresso 黑色混合口味咖啡膠囊與Nespresso® 膠囊咖啡機兼容以非常實惠的價格在線上市!

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Brand Borbone Italian Coffee
Country of Brand Italy
Best Before Date 30/06/2022
Maximum Saving -$ 1,074.00
Package Size 50 Capsules
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