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At Pulsin' we make natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness, our products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI, making them perfect for the whole family. We use only the most high-quality natural ingredients, never compromise on taste, and never add anything artificial (including GM ingredients). Our range of natural protein bars, plant-based protein powders and healthy treats are dedicatedly designed to: Give you sustained energy release Strengthen your immune system Make you feel fuller for longer Support healthy body function Boost your brainpower Enrich your life Give people superpower through health-boosting energy foods Make incredible-tasting products that don't cost the earth Lead the pack when it comes to product development Contribute to a happy, healthy world filled with happy, healthy people Sugar We at Pulsin' are waging a campaign against sugar. Unlike many snack foods on the market, our snacks are as low in natural sugars as we can make them. We don't add any cane sugar and when we do want to sweeten things up a little we rely on natural sweeteners like dates, brown rice malt, agave nectar (from cactus) and xylitol (from tree bark). So no sugar crashes, no cavities and no cravings. No Nasties You won't find any weird sounding ingredients on our packaging (other than maca and acai berry). Our products are stuffed full of only the best natural ingredients on the planet. That means no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives or colourings. Sustainable We want to leave the world a better place, which is why we're passionate about sustainability. We source our ingredients as locally as we can and only from sustainable sources. We use minimal packaging in the earth-friendliest materials we can find, power our business with 100% renewable energy and we don't out-source anything but the postage. Ethical The way we do business is the way we live our lives - as ethically as possible. We live within our means, believing in growth that is sustainable and that does no harm to people, plants or planet. We like indulging in life's luxuries but not if there's a cost to the earth. To this end we source organic ingredients wherever possible, making sure they are always GM and pesticide free and we make absolutely sure everything we buy comes from a sustainable source.

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