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Kallmet 2016 Red Wine

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Kallmet 2016
This wine has a beautiful rich ruby red colour, really special, typical of Kallmet. It has the flavour of red apple and blueberry. Delicious taste, which last for a long time. Recommended to be served at ambient temperature.

Varietal composition: 100% Kallmet
Length of aging before bottling: 8-12 months
Length of bottle ageing: 5-8 months

Kallmet Grape Variety 
This ancient and indigenous grape Kallmet is one of the best known red grape varieties in Albania.
It is considered to be a highly productive grape variety, early ripening and generally considered to be a consistent performer during less favourable weather conditions. The grape ripens during the middle of August and is harvested at 23 to 25 Brix (measured sugar content). Historically, Kallmet has been cultivated in the hilly area of Zadrima and in the vicinity of Shkoder Lake. Today it is cultivated in Malesi e Madhe, Shkoder, Lezhe, Kurbin, and Miredite (North Albania).

这种古老的土着葡萄Kallmet是阿尔巴尼亚最着名的红葡萄品种之一。凯尔梅特通常会产生两至三个大葡萄小群,颜色为紫红色。 它被认为是一种高产葡萄品种,早熟,并且在不利天气条件下通常被认为是一致的表现者。 葡萄成熟期在八月中旬,收获时为23-25白利糖度(测糖含量)。历史上,Kallmet已在Zadrima丘陵地区和Shkoder湖附近种植。 今天,它被栽培在Malesi e Madhe,Shkoder,Lezhe,Kurbin和Miredite。

Albanian Wine/ 阿爾巴尼亞葡萄酒
The Albanian wine (Albanian: Vera Shqiptare) is produced in several regions throughout Albania  within the Mediterranean Basin. The country has one of the oldest wine making traditions, dating back to the ice and bronze age whereas Ancient Illyrians and Greeks inhabited the country's territory some 3,000 years ago. It belongs chronologically to the old world of wine producing countries. Albania is a mountainous Mediterranean country and extend within the Mediterranean Basin with the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The country experiences a distinctly Mediterranean climate, which means that the winters are mild and summers usually hot and dry. The favourable climate  and fertile soil of the mountainous areas of the country are well suited to viticulture. The territory that is now Albania was one of few places where wine has naturally grown during the Ice Age. The oldest found seeds in the region are between 4,000 to 6,000 years old. Along with the neighbouring Greece, Albania has the longest continuous history of viticulture in  Europe. Within Illyria it existed hundreds of years before the expansion of the Roman Empire in the Balkan Peninsula. The ancient Roman writer Pliny the Elder described Illyrian wine as being very sweet or luscious and refers to it as taking the third rank among all the wines.

阿尔巴尼亚葡萄酒(阿尔巴尼亚语:Vera Shqiptare)在地中海盆地内的多个阿尔巴尼亚地区生产。该国拥有最古老的酿酒传统之一,其历史可以追溯到冰和青铜时代,而古伊利里亚人和希腊人大约在3000年前已经居住在该国的领土。亦是葡萄酒生产国的始祖。

阿尔巴尼亚是一个多山的地中海国家,位于西地中海地中海地区。 该国明显的地中海气候,意味着冬季温和,夏季通常炎热干燥,对山区来说是一个有利的气候和肥沃的土壤非常适合葡萄种植。
与邻国希腊一起,阿尔巴尼亚是欧洲葡萄种植历史最悠久的国家。 在Illyria内,它在罗马帝国扩展到巴尔干半岛之前已存在数百年。古罗马作家普林尼描述伊利里亚葡萄酒非常甜或甜美,并将其称为在所有葡萄酒中排名第三。
在罗马时期,葡萄酒产量增加并变得更有组织。许多宗教和家居用品装饰见证了酿酒文化,如布特林特。 尽管在15世纪后期,奥斯曼土耳其人抵达东南欧。 在此期间,葡萄园经历了衰退,大部分发现在基督教占多数的地区。

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