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Burenwurst Smoked Spicy Sausage

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Burenwurst Smoked Spicy Sausage 
The spicy version of the savoury Burenwurst, stuffed into a natural pork casing and thoroughly smoked. It is also suitable for boiling or roasting and is best enjoyed with mustard and horseradish.

A family-run enterprise with a long tradition of skilled craftsmanship Greisinger knows what is important to thier customers: namely trust. The trust of consumers from approximately 40 countries around the globe place trust in Greisinger Austria every day. The trust demands absolute reliability: in the selection of the raw materials, in production and processing, in terms of hygiene, customer services and foremost in the quality of their products which have won awards on more than one occasion. Austrian gastronomic culture, certi cation in accordance with the most important quality standards such as IFS at a higher level, BRC and TRTS 022/2011, to name a few.

Burenwurst (in Viennese dialect, "Buanwuascht") is a coarse, Austrian Brühwurst, which is part of the usual range of products of the Viennese sausage stand.

Burenwurst is only boiled in hot water and never fried or grilled. The boiling takes about 10 to 14 minutes. It is then eaten with a good mustard and a loaf of bread.

In terms of flavor, Austria is at the meeting point of Eastern and Western Europe, so Hungarian, Czech, German, and Italian influences can be found in the variety of styles, spices, and names of its sausages. Their manufacturing is strictly regulated, and mechanically recovered meat is not permitted. Austria shares with Germany the classifications of Rohwurst and Brühwurst (see page 14). And one cannot leave Austria without mentioning the most famous sausage in the world —the Wiener Würstel or Frankfurter—which was invented by Johann Georg Lahner, a Frankfurt butcher, when he settled in Vienna.

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