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Taleggio DOP "Classic Carozzi" Italian Cheese

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Taleggio DOP "Classic Carozzi"
Produced according to traditional processing, it contains in its flavor the rich sensations offered by the green mountains of Valsassina. The shorter aging, about 40 days, gives it a finer and more delicate aroma.

Details and Flavor: 
 can vary in flavor and the consistency of its inner paste. When it is young (about 40-50 days) it will be fruity and mildly salty with a firm white interior, but as it matures it will become softer ( almost oozy) and will have a beefy buttery flavor with hints of nuts and just a hint of salt. Taleggio has a minimum fat content of 48%. The consistency of a ripe or mature Taleggio is almost like that of a ripe Brie where it bulges but does not get runny. This is a brine washed rind cheese so it will be a "stinky cheese". The rind itself is a bit unsightly and will have a pink or slight brick color. It may also have areas of mold on it but this might be hard to see since some brands come wrapped in a layer of paper. Do not worry about any mold on the outer rind because it does not affect the integrity or quality of the inner paste. If the outer layer of paper is stuck to the rind or is very hard to peel off this is a sign that the cheese is ripe and in perfect condition to eat and enjoy. If the paper pulls off easily you will have found a young version. Taleggio's rind is considered by a few cheese purists to be edible however we recomend to remove it. Once again like Brie, this cheese is alive and will continue to age until it is cut, once it is cut the aging process stops. So if the cut Tallegio you found is young it will remain that way and the full flavor will not develop. The interior paste of a ripe Taleggio should have a slight yellow custard color. Once cut into pieces you can wrap with butcher paper or plastic wrap or alternative and keep refrigirated.

Milk, salt, rennet

Contains milk and lactose

40 days

Carozzi Valsassina
Experience and respect for tradition, as well as advanced competence and openness to future: since more than 50 years Carozzi unites with passion the precious skills of cheese-makers and the needs of today´s taste, giving intense emotions to persons who love cheese. Carozzi cheeses: small masterpieces for great connoisseurs.  Valsassina has always produced cheese, thanks to the plenty of pastures for cattle and to the climate that allows a perfect seasoning.

Heirs of a thousand-year tradition, we refine cheeses with the passion, the uses and the knowledge of ancient cheese-makers, to bring a simple curd up to the top of quality, with the precious contributes of time, silence and experience.

Only commitment and know-how, sensibility and patience, skill and respect can give a cheese the genuine taste of the ancient artisan processing.  And only a place of great vocation as Valsassina can add to its taste an inimitable touch of perfection.

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