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Organic Blue Agave Syrup

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Esthe Pro Labo Organic Blue Agave Syrup
BLUE AGAVE SYRUP organic blue agave syrup, GI value (glycemic index) consisting of ⅕ granulated sugar, inhibits the secretion of "obesity hormone". This blue agave is the most elite breed organically cultivated in Jalisco, Mexico Kira Village. Through compression and juicing, its taste is similar to melty honey, with a natural sweet taste, light and not overly sweet.Suitable for cooking, cold mix, and making snacks and drinks.

Esthe Pro Labo 有機多用糖漿
BLUE AGAVE SYRUP Organic 有機藍色龍舌蘭糖漿,GI值(血糖生成指數)是砂糖的1/5,抑制”肥胖激素”的分泌,這種藍色龍舌蘭有機栽培於墨西哥哈利斯科特基垃村,是最高級的品種,經過壓縮並榨汁,其口感與融化的蜜一般,帶有自然甜味,清淡不甜膩。適合用於烹飪,煮菜,涼拌,製作點心及飲品。

After open please put in the refrigerator for storage / 開封後請放入冰箱保存

Esthe Pro Labo is an inner beauty brand from Japan whose core business fields are Beauty × Medical × Sports and proudly trading with 12,000 domestic and overseas beauty business facilities. Have developed the true professional-use quality products by utilizing the existing life force in the nature and introducing from the Japan to the Asia then to the World.

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