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Portion French Brie 60% Cheese

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Paysan Breton Brie l'Orginal
International selection: French
Selection by milk: Cow

Pasteurized milk
Though made by one of the larger Brie producers in France, this Brie goes back to its traditional roots. This is a lactic, as opposed to a stabilized Brie. It also uses traditional rennet and a slower coagulation. This all amounts to a cheese that ripens beautifully and develops a full, mushroomy flavor. We may never be able to find AOC Brie in the US but, with age, this one comes pretty close. Full flavored and robust, this is the Brie we've been looking for.

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Bulk-Buy No
Is Special Product No
Brand Paysan Breton
Country of Brand Italy
Maximum Saving $ 42.00
Package Size Approx. 250g
Type of Store Credit value Select
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