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Small Wheel - Ricciolino della Valsassina Cheese

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Small Wheel - Ricciolino della Valsassina 

NOTE: Whole Piece or Cut Up portions If you want the piece to be cut up please let us know in the order comments section during the checkout process or email us after the order has been placed.
請注意:關於整塊或切割類產品 如果您需要我們額外切割加工,請在付款時在備註欄添加備註。如訂單已付款,您也可以通過電子郵件告知我們。

"Ricciolino" is a cheese very similar to the traditional "Ricciolo" but designed for those who love small packages, in fact the average weight of each wheel is approx. 0.8 kg. It is produced from the cheese-making of whole thermised cow's milk, with technology similar to that of Quartirolo.

The wheels are aged on wooden boards for about 60 days to favor their correct centripetal maturation, thus giving the finished product that soft and melting creaminess of the sub-rind which, combined with the immaculate friability of the heart, characterizes the consistency of the cylindrical shape. The rind is pink. The paste is dry compact, white, crumbly. Aromatic flavor more or less accentuated according to the degree of seasoning. Excellent as a table cheese and accompanied with warm crunchy bread. For those who want something tasty, we recommend it accompanied with clementine sauce or green tomato jam.

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Brand Carozzi
Country of Brand Italy
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Package Size Approx. 800g
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