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Vegan - Luncheon Plant-Based Meat

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Luncheon meat is one of the most popular processed meats in Asia but its potential health risks concern consumers. OmniPork Luncheon, launched by OmniFoods, contains 0mg cholesterol, is rich in protein and provides dietary fiber, potassium and calcium. Compared with canned pork counterparts, OmniPork Luncheon has far lower calories, total fat and sodium levels. It is also cruelty-free, non-GMO and buddhist-friendly, without added hormones, antibiotics or MSG. More importantly, OmniPork Luncheon does not use any carcinogenic nitrate as the preservatives. Simply pan-fry both sides of OmniPork Luncheon for 1-2 minutes and you will get a healthier quick-fix meal.

No Added Nitrate
Less 40% Calorie*
Less 49% Fat*
Less 100% Cholesterol*
Less 62% Sodium*

*Compared with canned luncheon meat (Reference: USDA ARS FoodData Central for Standard Reference)

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