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Fresh Oscietra Caviar 50g

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About Farmed Italian Oscietra Caviar (Sturgeon: Acipenser Transmantanous)
This is a fresh caviar obtained from a deliciously flavoured hyrid of Siberian and Adriatic sturgeon, characterized by its fine and lightly iodized taste. medium size grain but extraordinarily consistent and full of flavour, dark brown colour. Its length in mouth and its hazelnut notes reminds you its distinct character of White Sturgeon Caviar.

How To serve and enjoy caviar:
The traditional way to serve caviar is as an Appetizer.
You can eat it alone or with toast, cold boiled potatoes, or blinis.
Caviar should be kept cold and served chilled, never at room temperature. Metallic spoons should not be used while serving or eating it because they could leave an unfortunate metallic taste on the roe.

Garnish the caviar. Traditional garnishes will almost always improve your caviar-eating experience. Sour cream, hard-boiled eggs, chopped onions, and fresh herbs like parsley, dill and chives are common garnishes that can enhance the taste of the caviar you’re eating.

Take small bites. Traditionally, caviar has been consumed in amounts smaller than a tablespoon. Small bites help the consumer experience its distinct flavor without becoming overwhelmed by its texture.

When you are enjoying the caviar, let the individual eggs spread on your tongue first, gently rolling them against the roof of your mouth while you breath in through your nose to get the initial aroma. Once you've got it, crush the eggs gently, feeling them pop against your soft palate, releasing their buttery contents. Once opened, the caviar should be consumed within a day.

Storage of Caviar:
Temperatures ranging from -2 to 0 degrees Celsius would work best.
You can store it in the coldest part of the refrigerator-this means in the back and bottom.
Once opened, the caviar should be consumed within a day.

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