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Mini Cucumbers - Hydroponic

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Cucumbers are high in many essential vitamins and nutrients.
In terms of vitamins, Cucumbers are loaded with vitamin K, an essential vitamin for the blood-clotting process. Cucumbers also have a healthy dose of vitamin A and vitamin C, which help maintain healthy skin, vision, neurological function, and bones.

Cucumbers also contain a healthy dose of many nutrients, Phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and potassium are four of the most prominent nutrients found in Cucumbers. These four nutrients are essential for health and wellness, including bone health, a functioning immune system, and a strong heart.

One of the best health benefits of Cucumbers is their water content. Since Cucumbers are made up of over 90% water, they are extremely hydrating! This means that eating a Cucumber on a hot summer day can keep you energized and refreshed, and is almost as hydrating as drinking your recommended eight glasses of water per day!

Along with being high in water content, Cucumbers are also low in calories. This means that if you are trying to fill yourself up with healthy plant-based foods, Cucumbers are an excellent option that doesn’t result in high calorie intake!

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Brand Meng Kei 明記瓜菜
Country of Brand Macau SAR
Package Size 500g
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