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Tarquins Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin

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Southern Distillery Tarquins Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin/ 塔奎斯⼿⼯乾氈酒(⾦酒)
Located in Cornwall, Southwestern Distillery is quickly winning the hearts and palates of gin fans with their contemporary take of a classic London Dry. In the heart of it all lies their trusty pot still Tamara which produces small batches of 300 bottles and uses the finest botanicals such as juniper from Kosovo, lemon-sherbety coriander seeds from Bulgaria, and it's signature Devon violets from their own garden. Best enjoyed with a good tonic and a wedge of lime, cheers!

西南釀酒廠位於康沃爾郡,它以這款當代經典的倫敦乾烈酒快速贏得了杜松⼦⾦酒(氈酒)粉絲的⼼靈和⼜味 。它以傳統的Tamara 壺型蒸餾器⽣產⼩批量300瓶氈酒,並使⽤最好的植物,如來⾃科索沃的杜松,來⾃ 保加利亞的檸檬芫荽籽,以及來⾃他們⾃⼰的酒園獨有種植的德⽂紫羅蘭。推薦享⽤⽅法可以湯⼒⽔和⼀ 塊檸檬⼀起飲⽤

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